Price €395

Workshop Animal Healing - November 4, 2017

In this workshop Margrit Coates will teach you how to make a real difference to your pet's happiness and well-being through hands-on energy healing.
Energy healing is a non-invasive, complementary, yet very effective, therapy that can be used to help improve your pet's health and behaviour. You will receive practical advice on when, where and how to use hands-on healing to treat your pet. Margrit Coates will also talk about hearth warming case studies based on her unique experiences worldwide.

Workshop Animal Communication - November 5, 2017

This workshop is for anyone who wants to connect to their animal(s) on a deeper level. Anybody who loves animals and who wishes to improve their understanding of animal behaviour will love this workshop. Margrit Coates will teach you how to connect with animals using intuition, insight and common sense. She will show you how to tune into what they are really thinking and feeling, and she will help you bond with them at an even deeper level.